Eka Gomez, a Filipina underwater filmmaker, first discovered the power of the ocean when she dove the pristine waters of Anilao, Philippines. The teeming life underwater entranced her, and it became her mission to promote conservation and bridge the gap between the people and the beautiful creatures below.

Today, her work revolves around her passion for saving the seas, diving, and helping create high quality photo & video content with collaborators. She works with brands, companies, and dive resorts that aim to promote and protect the underwater world.

This ocean citizen has an open mind to endless creative filming possibilities and wants to save the oceans with you.

Eka Gomez underwater filmmaker

Ocean Film Work

A film I edited and helped shoot in collaboration with Studio H2O to showcase the thriving seascape and marine biodiversity in Anilao.

The crystal clear waters and lush reef in Cabilao took my breath away. It is every diver’s sweet dream and it was an honor to capture the Underwater Photography Festival with Studio H2O, Objectif Atlantide, and DOT Dive Philippines.

We covered 4Ocean’s first clean-up in Baseco, Philippines. The company collects non-biodegradable wastes in coastal areas and recycles them into special bracelets. For every bracelet bought, a pound of trash is being pulled out of the oceans. This feeds the fishermen and locals who help pick up the trash from our seas worldwide. This initiative do not just clean the world’s seas; it gave many people around the globe a livelihood.

A fun travel video I made for ScubaStudio during our central Maldives liveaboard. See how the life below trumps the beautiful islands and white sands that Maldives is known for. Shark channels to giant mantas, every dive was a great dive!

A video for a company with a mission. Fourth Element creates dive apparel and clothes made of econyl / recycled ghost fishing nets abandoned in the ocean. Every clothing you see in this video was made of wastes pulled from the ocean’s seabed. Yes, you can wear something that’s good for the ocean.

A collection of all the videos Ivan Torres and I made for the 25th anniversary of the Asian Dive Expo, organized by Uderwater360. It is the biggest dive show in Asia that gathers together world-renowned photographers/videographers/scientists, businesses with the latest technology, and ocean citizens who promote conservation.




Is there a mission I can help you with through photographs and films?
Is there a story you wish to convey about the wonderful world below?

I want to take on purposeful assignments with you.
Let’s get to this fun work!

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