ADEX Asian Dive Expo 2019 Videos

Event: Asian Dive Expo 2019
Date: April 11-14, 2019
Location: Suntec Singapore Convention Center

ADEX is one of the biggest dive shows in the world, and is the biggest show in Asia. This year is their 25th Anniversary, a huge achievement in this industry. To celebrate this, they invited world-renowned speakers, underwater photographers, and filmmakers to take the stage for 4 amazing days.

Dive shows are my version of Disney Land. It’s where divers gather to explore new technologies, discuss the future of our oceans, tackle issues confronted daily by our environment, recognize businesses that promote sustainability & conservation, and showcase the best and latest dive equipment from around the globe.



Direction & Editing by Eka Gomez
Videography by Ivan Torres


I have to admit: the nerd in me excitedly watched documentaries about Singapore and Changi airport a week before our flight. It was my first time in Singapore and my head was so full of ideas and list of food to try.

When we arrived in Changi airport, the first thing that surprised me was the abundance of plants that were meticulously arranged by the geniuses behind this gateway. The airport in itself is a destination already! And when our Grab driver picked us up, the surprises kept coming. The roads were lined with hundreds of trees, buildings towered over us, and you can really see the brains of the artists in Singapore through their architecture. Our driver also gave us welcoming smiles and recommendations on places we should visit. The day was going really well.

The ADEX team and us, partners, were booked at Destination Hotel (which I soon figured offer delicious breakfast spread). We settled in and after readied for the real event: today’s ADEX opening ceremony!

Ivan and I split roles to pull off this project. He’s in charge of shooting while I take the lead on directing and video editing. We had to submit 1 video per day on the 4-day event. I realize now that I’m typing this the levels of crazy of doing 4 same-day-edits. I barely slept or talked to anyone during the dive show because the two of us needed to cover hundreds of booths, do interviews, attend ceremonies, and edit non-stop. I remember the days that I had to choose between eating or sleeping because my brain’s about to shut off. 4 days of this kind of pressure was the most challenging work I’ve ever done. But let me tell you: it was extremely rewarding in the end. I had a roller coaster ride of emotions but managed to pull off every video with a smile on submission. I realized how synced my body, heart, and mind were when I’m doing something I really liked. I can never hate this pressure. I live for this kind of challenge.

7 VIDEO WORKS in total:

1. ADEX day 1
2. Boat party day 1 (I did not upload it here anymore because it’s just short)
3. ADEX day 2
4. Gala / Awards night day 2 (I did not upload it here anymore because it’s just short)
5. ADEX day 3
6. ADEX day 4
7. ADEX Post Event Report with Interviews


I want to thank the organizers of the Asian Dive Expo for giving us this opportunity to create for them on their 25th anniversary. To John Thet, thank you for making this possible; divers and businesses from around the globe will always cherish your contribution to the ocean. To Desmond Ho, my friend, I am grateful for your trust in us and dedication to your work. To Nora, your heart inspired us and we thank you for helping us the whole time. To all the kind souls who gave us a ride, tips, recommendations, and a piece of their culture, thank you.

It was such a busy 4-days that I wasn’t able to talk to everyone in the event. There were a lot of interesting booths with founders I would love to chat with, plenty of dive gear I wanted to purchase but didn’t have the time to, and friends I would love to drink with if I wasn’t too tired at night.

Next year, I am definitely going again! If not as a filmmaker, I would still be there as a guest and supporter. May ADEX keep living on. To the best dive show in Asia, cheers!




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