4Ocean Clean-up in Baseco, Philippines



We were tasked to cover the first 4ocean clean-up at the coastlines of Baseco, Philippines.


Sony a7iii
Lumix GH5
DJI Mavic 2


Baseco, Philippines


Cinematographers: Eka Gomez and Ivan Torres
Editor: Eka Gomez
Color Grading: Eka Gomez


“Cleaning the ocean and coastlines, one pound at a time.”

We went with the 4Ocean team to document their very first clean-up in Baseco, Philippines. That morning, volunteers and people in the community gave their time and hands in cleaning-up the coastlines of Baseco.

It was a wake-up call for me too, knowing how problematic our waste management in the country truly was. Do you know that just in Manila, it’s already estimated that 8,636 tons of garbage are generated per day? Horrible and poorly addressed!

I am glad that part of the clean-up is educating the communities too. Cleaning-up is nonsense without raising awareness & giving alternatives. Instead of blaming the consumers, let us put the pressure on the manufacturers and producers. We all deserve an alternative. We all deserve to have a practical but evironment-friendly choice.

While big companies manufacture and package daily commodities in plastic, they don’t leave everyone a choice. As you watch this video, try to identify how much of these garbage wastes are recognizable to you. Haven’t we all used them? Has any of us recycled them? If you are wondering where they all went, unfortunately the ocean is one of the saddest answers.

Isn’t it ironic that we are spending billions of money looking for an alternative planet to live in as we destroy this beautiful one? I hope it is not too late.




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